Build Your Own Rolls-Royce Model 

The ultra-luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce is offering the opportunity to a limited number of wealthy clients to build a customized luxury car catered to their lifestyle. The new Rolls-Royce Coach build program will dedicate a department of the carmaker to work with individual clients to help build and design cars specifically for them. 
Rolls-Royce is known for its reputation of manufacturing hand-crafted vehicles with a massive collection of options for customers. However, the Coach build program will expand its services, creating one-of-a-kind models. The Coach build program will be limited as Rolls-Royce discloses, they will be working on just one of these cars every couple of years and has yet to reveal the price, but it’s estimated to cost millions. 
Rolls-Royce launched the Coachbuilding program unveiling the new Boat Tail model with only three models being made, with each car commissioned by three different buyers. The Boat Tail model was named after the design concept inspired by the customers’ interests in boating and yachting that was translated into the body design of the automobile with an estimated cost of $25 million. 
Rolls-Royce (owned by BMW) will be offering a competitive program previously offered by competitors, including Porsche and Bentley (owned by Volkswagen Group). The Coach build program refers to the early era of automobiles in which buyers would choose an automaker to build mechanical parts for the car; the body of the car would be designed then made by a specialized coachbuilding firm which was the first wave of customizing automobiles.