Celebrities Star In “Joe Exotic” Series 

Joe Exotic became a celebrity overnight following the release of the Netflix docuseries “Tiger King,” and it seems the Peacock streaming platform will continue Exotic’s legacy with a new limited series. The Peacock limited series with the working title “Joe Exotic “adapted from the “Joe Exotic” Wondery Podcast. 

This limited series will feature stars playing the characters from “Tiger King” including:  

  • Kate McKinnon playing Carole Baskin as a big cat lover and Exotic’s enemy. 
  • Dennis Quaid playing Rick Kirkham as the reality show producer for Exotic and American journalist. 
  • Brian Van Holt playing John Reinke as one of Exotic’s lovers. 
  • Sam Keeley playing John Finlay as one of Exotic’s lovers. 
  • Natt Wolff playing Travis Maldonado as one of Exotic’s lovers. 

The “Joe Exotic” limited series will be centered on the big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin when she discovers fellow exotic animal lover Joe Exotic is breeding and using cats for profit. In the series, Baskin goes on a mission to shut down Exotic’s venture that incites the quickly escalating rivalry that was a significant part of the “Tiger King” series. 
As Baskin attempts to tarnish Exotic’s name, he retaliates, bringing up Baskin’s checkered past involving the mysterious disappearance of her husband. The intense rivalry results in Exotic’s mission to stop at nothing to expose what he sees as Baskin’s hypocrisy that was central to the plot of “Tiger King.” The limited series is still in the development stages, but this series should be a success with a pre-established “Tiger King” fanbase.