Customer Shocked With $50k Bill At Salt Bae’s Restaurant

Renowned chef Nusret Gökçe, better known as Salt Bae, started with humble beginnings as a social media star known for his superior meat cutting skills and his signature sprinkling of salt on his dishes. Salt Bae’s social media success resulted in him becoming one of the most notorious chefs in the world leading to launching several restaurants known as Nusr-Et with four restaurants in his native country of Turkey along with locations in Mykonos, Miami, New York, Boston, Dallas, Beverly Hills, London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, and Jeddah.
From being a social media star to owning 15 restaurants isn’t an easy feat but one common takeaway from the lucky restaurant guests is that everything is over-priced, especially with one guest from London providing proof. One anonymous guest at the Nusr-Et London location took to social media to share the over-priced menu items with the bill totaling over £37,000 (over$50,900 USD). 

The meal costing five figures started with a Tomahawk steak covered in gold leaf costing £850 (over $1,100) and it only gets more expensive with the drinks. The anonymous guest continued his food spending spree buying one bottle of Petrus 1996 wine (£9,100 or over $12,500 USD), two bottles of Petrus 2003 wine (£19,900 or over $27,000 USD), and two bottles of Dom Pérignon 2006 Rosé (£1,620 or over $2,200 USD). On drinks alone, the patron spent over £30,600 or $42,000 USD.
The patron also ordered more expensive side dishes and non-alcoholic drinks including:
•             3 Herb Crusted Fries = £30
•             1 Sauteed Mushroom = £12
•             1 Sauteed Broccoli = £14
•             1 Asparagus = £18
•             1 Mashed Potato = £12
•             1 RedBull = £11
•             2 Eira Still Water = £18
•             1 Eira Sparkling Water = £9
For a total of side dishes and non-alcoholic drinks of £144 (over $150 USD), that doesn’t even include the dessert. The patron ordered a traditional Turkish dessert of 16 Nusret Baklava served with Matei Radulescu (a Turkish ice cream) and four Golden Baklava with a combined total of £600 (over $800 USD).
The subtotal of the bill was over £32,000 ($44,000 USD) and don’t forget about the mandatory 15% service charge of over £4,800 ($6,600USD), for the grand total of over £37,000 ($50,000 USD). Instead of having an insanely expensive dinner, the anonymous patron could have bought a luxury car. Would you spend over $50,000 for one meal?