Dressing Like Its 1999 

The 90s represent the last decade of the 18th century for bold fashion statements that influenced streetwear and loungewear style that is popular now more than ever. The bold style of the 90s might have started during the turn of the century but continues to influence modern fashion. 

One piece of jewelry known for its 90s origin is the choker necklace that continues to be an accessory staple that can easily pair with a casual or formal outfit. Another accessory that needs no introduction is the claw clip for the perfect hairstyle inspired by the casual and cool esthetic of the 90s. 

The casual 90s aesthetic was perfected with biker or cargo shorts that could be found in any wardrobe then and now. The 90s were all about loose-fitting forms, with baggy and wide-leg pants being all the rage that can still be found on the modern runway. 

One accessory that will always remain timeless is the denim jacket peaking in popularity during the 90s and continues to be a style staple perfect for casual outfits. Another popular jacket of the 90s was the windbreaker that has only gained popularity for the bright colors and comfortable design.