Good Samaritan Robot Named Delta Helps People Of Indonesia

The East Java Indonesian village in Tembok Gede has a new robotic good Samaritan citizen in a robot named Delta. The Delta robot was created to help the people of Indonesia during these challenging times.
The good Samaritan robot Delta roams the village’s streets to help citizens with simple tasks, including greeting self-isolating citizens saying “Assalamualaikum” which translates to “peace be upon you.” Delta also helps to deliver essential supplies like disinfectants or food to villagers in need.
The Delta robot was created from discarded household parts with the head made with an old rice cooker, the torso is made from an old boxy TV, the arms are created from PVC pipes, and the voice was programmed based on the voice of the creator’s wife. The creator, Aseyan, is a community leader and wanted to create something that would promote social distancing while helping those in need.
Delta is also helping citizens by doing sanitation rounds each week by sanitizing surfaces as Delta rolls down the street. The Delta robot is remote operated with a range of 600 feet from the controller, but creator Aseyan hopes to expand the range by incorporating a phone with an internet connection.
The Indonesian village of Tembok Gede has a reputation as a smart village and upcycling efforts. The Delta robot was initially designed to work as a waitress serving drinks at a local restaurant. Delta’s purpose shifted as more people needed help coping through an international pandemic to help citizens of the village in a true time of need.