How You’re Sore And Tired All The Time Post-Workout

Feeling a little sore after a workout is normal but if you’re feeling tired and sore post-workout nearly every gym session that isn’t normal. These are some of the reasons you might constantly feel tired and sore all the time after working out. 

Consistency is key when it comes to fitness that can impact your recovery if your skip workouts and stray from your consistent workout schedule. The repeated bout effect can contribute to this as it’s common to have a delayed onset muscle soreness after the first day of working out and is less likely to happen the second day as you continue to build muscle strength. 

You might be hurting after the first day but working out the next day as day two will lead to less soreness. If you decide to do your second day the following week, the cycle starts over, and you don’t have the initial soreness that creates strength for your next workout. 

For training days, try to set your own personal record that is rewarded through hard work and will encourage you to improve your personal best as you progress during your gym sessions. This will also help you get stronger to train at an intensity that doesn’t wear you out. 

One of the biggest things that influence your personal fitness journey starts before and after the workout in your diet. You might try to avoid eating high-calorie foods that can ruin your progress as you need fuel for your workout, especially for those who are underweight or super lean. 

Another factor to consider if you’re feeling sore or tired after a workout is your sleep routine as not sleeping enough will have you feeling tired all the time. Without the proper amount of sleep, it is difficult for your body to recover exercise can be improved by reducing your screen time before sleep and trying to have an earlier bedtime. 

If you are getting more than enough sleep and are still feeling tired, you might think it’s from working out but can be contributed to stress. Mental health can take a toll on your body physically if you feel stressed out about things in your personal life or miss out on a gym session. You can relieve this stress by doing a lighter workout to relax such as light level yoga or going for a simple walk.