Planning Personal Finances Like A Pro 

Managing personal finances might require seeking out advice from business professionals but some choose to be independent when it comes to planning personal finances. There are a couple of tips to help you make the best plan for your personal finances.   

Time is money literally and you can make money during your free time with a side hustle. One common side hustle is participating in paid survey websites such as Survey Club, Survey Junkie, i-Say, MTurk, and more. It’s recommended that you research some of these websites as some seem legit but are never-ending with no payout insight.   

It might seem like you need a lot of money to start investing but you can start investing with a few cents that will accumulate over time. New investment apps can help beginner investors with options to invest a certain amount once or reoccurring depending on your finances.   

Apps like Acorns have a round-up option that will round off cents of purchase to the nearest dollar to invest using spare change from your transactions. Using an investment app can help you schedule reoccurring investments that will grow over time and gives investors options on which type of portfolio to choose depending on the risk factor.   

Acorns offer five types of portfolios based on the risk and reward factor in order from safest to riskiest:  

  • Conservative – 100% Bonds 
  • Moderately Conservative – 60% Bonds and 40% Stocks 
  • Moderate – 40% Bonds and 60% Stocks 
  • Moderately Aggressive – 20% Bonds and 80% Stocks 
  • Aggressive – 100% Stocks  

The Acorns portfolio options demonstrate different investment models and how to diversify a portfolio based on the risk factor. This is another aspect of using an investment app that is beneficial as it gives you the option to diversify your portfolio automatically without having to make all the choices and individual trades.   

One word that will help plan personal finances is negotiation which can help you save money and stay within your budget. The worst part of the negotiation is being told “no” and the Trim program can help negotiate certain expenses by analyzing your spending to find unnecessary expenses that can save you money.   

Trim is a personal finance tool for making negotiating easy for anyone and will also bring to the attention expenses that you can cut. You don’t need a program to negotiate financing bills but can be helpful in learning about the negotiation process.   

You can also look to your bank to manage your personal finances by making the most of the services you’re offered. Certain bank accounts have features to help you save money and even switching banks can save you money. If your bank is costing you more than helping your finances, you can consider switching to a bank with more features and lower costs/fees to better manage your finances.   

Budgeting can be tricky because some things can be left out of the budget impacting your financial situation, especially unexpected emergencies. There are a ton of budget strategies as everyone has their own unique financial situation, but Spentapp can help. Spentapp analyzes expenses to make financial recommendations and finds money mistakes to prevent unnecessary spending in the future by accounting for every cent spent to stay within your budget.   

The last piece of managing personal finances is setting goals that will have you focus more on your spending and investing choices. Having financial goals will give you a sense of achievement when you reach them and will also inspire you to go further with more financial goals.