Presidential Pooch Steals The Show 

Irish President, Michael D. Higgins, delivered an interview for RTÉ News with the help of his playful pooch Bród. President Higgins has two beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs Bród and Misneach, who are known for making appearances with their owner, always garnering the attention of the press. 
RTÉ News interviewed President Higgins, but Bród wanted to play with a behind-the-scenes clip of Bród pawing and nibbling at Higgins’ hand. Needless to say, the video went viral as Bród’s attempt to seek attention was too adorable to look away. 
President Higgins carried on the interview paying tribute to Tom Hickey in a professional manner while paying some attention to the massive, adorable mountain dog, but Bród just continued wanting to play. The interview was edited for broadcast to keep Bród out of the frame, but you can see him popping his head up for a moment and was present in the audio with some panting.