Simple Hack To Book An Entire Row Of Airline Seats

Booking travel accommodations can be tricky when it comes to booking seats together when traveling and there is a travel hack that will give you the best chance of being seated with your travel companion. This travel hack isn’t a guarantee, and you might have to rely on the kindness of strangers but has a good chance of success with the best chance of getting an empty row(when done correctly) for free. 

This is the best option for traveling in pairs, start by looking for an open empty row then book the window and aisle seat leaving the middle seat free. In most cases, single travelers are less likely to book the middle seat between you as they are less likely to sit between two strangers. 

Worst case scenario if someone books the middle seat, you and your travel companion can enjoy the best seats with the window and aisle that are more convenient. Another option is offering the passenger with the middle seat either the aisle or window seat so you and your companion can sit together at least. 

The best way to book this seating arrangement is booking early when entire rows are still available with the most common options being the back rows that can be less desired. Again, there are no guarantees that someone will avoid booking the middle seat, especially during busy holiday flights. 

Some flyers might feel entitled to the middle seat or potentially face annoying strangers by asking them to switch seats, but you can’t be rude about it. When making a request with a stranger it’s best to be polite and only ask once to avoid a potentially awkward flight. This hack works nearly half the time as most planes are often fully occupied but give you the chance with some free comfortable accommodations.