“The First Lady” Series Is The U.S. Version Of “The Crown”

Historical series are growing in popularity with the leading example being the award-winning Netflix series “The Crown” based on the history of the U.K. royal family. It seems this popular trend will carry over with a U.S. version of the women in power with the Showtime series “The First Lady.”
“The First Lady” series examines American history through the perspective lens of the women at the center of the White House as are framing of American leadership focusing on historical First Ladies. The first season will detail the lives of women that served as First Lady including Betty Ford (played by Michelle Pfeiffer), Eleanor Roosevelt (played by Gillian Anderson), and Michelle Obama (played by Viola Davis).
The Showtime series will take place in the East Wing of the White House with a history of world-changing decisions by First Ladies showing the impactful dynamic hiding behind a curtain. The series will explore the political and personal lives of three unique women on their journey to Washington with intertwining storylines.
“The First Lady” confirmed cast also includes:
·        Kiefer Sutherland playing Franklin D. Roosevelt
·        Aaron Eckhart playing Gerald Ford
·        Dakota Fanning playing FDR and Eleanor’s daughter Susan Elizabeth Ford
·        Judy Greer playing Betty Ford’s secretary Nancy Howe
·        O-T Fagbenle playing Barack Obama
·        Derek Cecil playing Donald Rumsfeld
·        Rhys Wakefield playing Dick Cheney
·        Jayme Lawson playing young Michelle Obama
·        Lexi Underwood playing Malia Obama
Showtime placed a straight-to-series order for “The First Lady” in February 2020 and production was delayed due to shut down during the global pandemic lockdown. Originally the production was slated with the title of “First Ladies”, but the name has since been taken by CNN for an original series that has no relation to the Showtime series resulting in a title name change.
Showtime has released the first images as a preview for the new anthology series but has yet to finalize the premiere date. Reports indicate Showtime is planning to release the new series during the first quarter of 2022.