The New FX Series 'The Bear' Questions Everything About Restaurants 

‘The Bear’ is one of the newest additions to the lineup by FX. It swerves everything that you know about restaurant kitchens and creates a model all on its own. The setup for the characters is brilliant and you find yourself engrossed in their lives and turmoil as you watch.  

Tackling Climate Change One Cloned Tree At A Time

Parody music artist Weird Al Yankovic revealed his latest venture writing for his own biopic starring Daniel Radcliff for a Roku Original movie that will be streamed on Roku Channels. 

Buzz Lightyear Will Be Starring In A 'Toy Story' Origin Movie

The classic Disney Pixar movie franchise "Toy Story" will be releasing anew origin movie for the Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear with a new "Lightyear" movie coming this summer. 

"Being The Ricardos" Backstory Movie Behind "I Love Lucy"

The timeless, beloved sitcom starring what seemed to be Hollywood's power couple, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on "I Love Lucy" will have the story set straight in upcoming backstory movie "Being the Ricardos." 

A real-life "Princess Diaries" story about an average teen that turns out to be in line to inherit the throne and becme royalty while facing opposition.  

As electric vehicles become more popular, luxury automakers are entering the EV market including the luxury Italian automaker Lamborghini making one fast EV. 

The U.S. is getting its own version of "The Crown" following the history of some of the most influential women in U.S. history including Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  

Steven Spielberg is known as one of the renowned directors and producers of all time but there's more to the Hollywood legend behind the camera and offset. 

Read what happens next as U.S. Marine surprises his pregnant wife leaving her Elementary School class thrilled and her in tears of joy, and it couldn’t be more heart warmly cute melting your hearts.