Jennifer Lopez Attempts To Takeover Netlfix

Jennifer Lopez is returning to both the big screen and the small screen with Netflix to partner with her Nuyorican Production Company. 

Heated Auction For Copy Of U.S. Constitution Sold At Over $43 Million

Sotheby's New York is letting the dust settle after one of the biggest auctions in history for a copy of the U.S. Constitution between one CEO and a group of cryptocurrency investors. 

South Korea Celebrates Monthly Romantic Holidays Including Valentine's Day

South Korea is a country that loves love celebrating romantic holidays for each month besides the one day dedicated to Valentine's Day with some holidays that aren't exclusive to couples only. 

$1 Million Won In Christmas Gift Scratch-Off Ticket

A lucky man in North Carolina likely got the best Christmas present in his life in the form of a lottery scratch-off ticket.  

The Netflix docu-series "Tiger King" isn't over just yet with another series telling the story of Joe Exotic in a new series featuring a star-studded cast.     

Good Samaritan Robot Named Delta Helps People Of Indonesia 

The Indonesian smart village of Tembok Gede features a good Samaritan robot named Delta helping citizens in isolation with deliveries of food, disinfectant, and more. 

Heinz is planning for expansion beyond this planet unveiling their latest study of replicating soil and growing conditions of Mars that proved successful ingrowing tomatoes. 

Dressing Like Its 1999

The 1990s were an easier time with less technology and more focus on fashion. We celebrate some of the statement styles that scream the 90s and are making a comeback.  

The queen of country music Dolly Parton enjoys the finer things in life including some of her guilty pleasures she indulges when she's spending more time at home.